I am a firm believer that style can be had on any budget.  When there’s a will, there’s a way… as long as you have enough patience, creativity, and elbow grease.  Functional solutions to a homes needs can also be aesthetically pleasing.  A variety of styles can peacefully coexist together.  A homes interior reflects the personality of those who reside within it.

A hands on person, I like incorporating a lot of custom things tailored to each clients preferences.  I like to push the boundaries enough to create something unique and different, yet still remain within the comfort level of the homeowners.  The best rooms do not result from instantaneous ideas, but evolve.

When possible, I love working with other local artisans to create unique pieces, as opposed to purchasing from a box store.  Décor that has a story behind it tends to be more interesting and special.

Over the last six years I have assisted an area designer on several model homes in New Longview, Woodland Shores, and Dalton’s Ridge.  In addition to model homes, I have also assisted with numerous custom built homes.

No matter how large or small your next home project, I can’t wait to work with you!